Durga Pooja Decoration Ideas for Home

Durga Pooja Decoration Ideas

Durga Pooja Decoration  Get Durga pooja decoration ideas for your home. Durga pooja or Dussehra is a very important Hindu festival that reveres goddess Durga. Goddess Durga is a warrior who fights evil demons to protect others. Dussehra is a ten Continue reading Durga Pooja Decoration Ideas for Home

Pooja Chowki Decoration Ideas

Pooja Chowki Decoration

Tips to Decorate your Pooja Chowki at Home Place your deity on beautifully decorated pooja chowki. Pooja chowkis are used during Diwali, Ganpati, Navratri, Ugadi, Pongal, Janmashtami and many other festivals to do pooja. Buy wooden pooja chowki from the Continue reading Pooja Chowki Decoration Ideas