15 Smart Stylish Teenage Boy Room Ideas

Teenage Boy Room Interior Design

Check out these teenage boy room designs with some amazing interior ideas.

Designing a room for a teenage boy is not as difficult as it seems. A teenager loves to be in his own world and its best to give him the elbow space. It’s important to find his interests and hobbies while designing the room. Involve your teen in the design process so you can come up with a cool design that is perfect in every sense.

Here are some interesting ideas that you can incorporate in a teenage boy room.

1. Compact Study Area

Teenage Boy RoomCourtesy of Bureau of Alexandra Fedorova

The potted ferns in the bedroom speak about the child’s love for nature. The color scheme of this bedroom is subtle and lovely. It extends a perfect ensemble with all the green elements in the room. I love the compact study area with floating table and storage.

2. Use Mural Wallpaper

Teenage Boy RoomCourtesy of Murals Wallpaper

The large-scale world map mural is an interesting highlight of this room. The light and dark blue tones in this world map wallpaper design bring depth and variation to this bedroom. The side table that looks like a vault is also an attraction in this bedroom.  A unique, smart and stylish teenage boy room idea indeed!

3. Create a Statement Wall

Teenage Boy RoomCourtesy of OMNI Interiors, Photography by Katarina Hetenyi

The chief attraction of this ‘handsome’ bedroom is the accent wall created using photo mural. The straight lined furniture looks smart. I also took an instant liking for the bedspread, blue being my favorite color. The interesting motifs on the cushions add appeal to the room.

4. Go for an Artwork

Teenage Boy RoomCourtesy of Lizette Marie Interior Design

This bedroom has a dark grey color palette with a unique anemone light fixture. The vibrant painting on the wall breathes life into the room. The ladder placed in the room has contributed in making the corner interesting.

5. Small Room Ideas

Teenage Boy RoomCourtesy of Raad Studio, Photography by Allan Zepeda

This small teenage boy room is simple and self-sufficient. The occupant seems to be an avid reader. Create lots of storage for books with proper and intelligent use of space in the room. Go for a Murphy bed and a desk that work on the hinges to save space.

6. Pick a Theme

Teenage Boy RoomCourtesy of Crown Community Development

This room seems to be a sports person paradise. The entire decor speaks of the occupant’s deep interest in basket ball. I really like the basket ball court and a basket made on the wall. The whole concept is unique and outstanding.

7. Monochrome Palette

Teenage Boy RoomCourtesy of NA Architects

This teenage bedroom design is sparsely done up and so it looks quite clutter-free. The black and white color ensemble looks awesome. The picture on the wall contributes to the ‘boyishness’ of the room.

8. Get a Chalkboard Wall

Teenage Boy RoomCourtesy of Heidi Richardson, Photography by Michael Hospelt

The chalkboard wall is an idea of novelty. The area looks very cozy with everything of the child’s interest around him. The chest board is a smart addition and the study area is fabulous. It’s like sitting amidst nature and getting submerged in the world of knowledge.

9. Use a Canvas

Teenage Boy RoomCourtesy of DKOR Interiors, Photography by Renata Bastos

I think it is very important to reflect the keen interest of the occupant in its decor. This gives a more personalized touch to the room. Turn the room into a big canvas using a photo of baseball players. This teenage boy room is having a combination of subtle colors and this adds to the space of the room.

10. Go Grey

Teenage Boy RoomCourtesy of Dream Finders Homes

This teenage boy room has the Golf theme. The grey and lime combo gives smart touch to the wall. It also throws a whiff of freshness into room. The large window with nature peeping adds more to the positive ambiance. Add a chest of drawers that also acts as a night stand to one side of the bed and a desk to the other.

11. Customized Boys Bedroom

Teenage Boy RoomCourtesy of B+G Design

This is a great boy’s room. The upholstered bed gives a smart and modern look to the room. Go for customized headboard and wall unit. You can add lights to highlight the multi-purpose wall unit. The color used in the room is in perfect synchronization.

12. Small Teen Room Decoration

Teenage Boy RoomCourtesy of Studio V Interior Design

The silhouetted picture on the wall and the soft light from the lamps uplift the mood of the bedroom. This bedroom is not very big in size but all the elements are defined in an implicit manner. The arrangement of greenery inside the room leaves a pleasant feel in the ambiance.

13. Sofa as Bed

Teenage Boy RoomCourtesy of Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

This teenage boy room is spacious and is done up beautifully. The teen seems to like basketball hence a room full of collectibles. The sofa on the side can easily be converted into a bed for sleepover. I love the idea of having some extra storage space for the kid on the footboard of the bed.

14. Bright Color Teen Bedroom

Teenage Boy RoomCourtesy of Stylecraft Builders, Photography by R Walley

Look at the vibrant array of colors in this teenage room. The space has been managed wonderfully making it quite self-sufficient. Those baseball stadium pictures on the wall are complementing the wonderful color scheme of the bedroom.

15. Minimal Decor 

Teenage Boy RoomCourtesy of Summit Homes Group

Here is a simple teenage bedroom. It is done up sparsely but each and every element speaks of its relevance. Save space by going for a build-in study table. The floating desk looks quite alluring to me. The straight-lined furniture and minimal decor plays the magic.

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