Cool Chic Teenage Girl Room Ideas

Ways to Decorate Teenage Girl Room 

Discover some beautiful teenage girl room ideas. Girls love to add a personalized and playful touch to their room. Here are some wonderful ideas to decorate a teenage girl’s room. Have a look at them!

1. Feminine Touch

Teenage Girl RoomCourtesy of Elizabeth Cross-Beard

This teenage girl room looks very feminine. The platform bed under the beautiful chandelier looks as if inviting the beautiful princess for a quiet and peaceful slumber. The soft color combinations of beige and various hues of brown extend a soothing effect to the room. The antique looking glass lamp shade looks stunning!

2. Transitional Style

Teenage Girl RoomCourtesy of Virtuoso Builders, Photography by Ric J

This room has a nice cozy ambiance. It is properly illuminated and done using black and white color. The huge framed mirror is a perfect addition to this girl’s room. Build-in wardrobes look elegant and offer lots of storage space. I love the decorative wrought iron headboard; it is quite eye-catching.

3. Beauty of Blue 

Teenage Girl RoomCourtesy of Ashton

The color blue is associated with calmness and depth and looks like this defines the personality of the occupant of this room. The natural insurgence of sunlight fills the room with positive vibes. The subtle color tones on the wall and the furniture makes it look very spacious.

4. Dreamy Decor

Teenage Girl RoomCourtesy of Alexey Trofimov Photography

A slice of fairy land Indeed! This is a white bedroom; white is symbolic of innocence and purity. Lacy upholstery and bedspreads are very attractive and they go well with the sheer curtain. The black and white artwork and the exquisite chandelier further define the elegance of this room.

5. Added Storage 

Teenage Girl RoomCourtesy of Natasha Gurina

This teenage bedroom has a beautiful window treatment. The room also flaunts a lovely wall unit with multi-purpose niche created in it. This is a simple bedroom with straight line furniture and smart upholstery which totally complements the fabulous bedspreads.

6. Pop of Pink

Teenage Girl RoomCourtesy of SL Project Architectural Studio

The splash of pink in this beautiful white bedroom is a pleasant and welcoming contrast. This room is sunlit and full of positivity. I really like the offbeat frame on the wall. The floating shelves and desk offer an ideal place to store books and study. This teenage girl room thus speaks of style and elegance.

7. Hint of Luxury

Teenage Girl RoomCourtesy of Rudloff Custom Builders

This is a chic teen bedroom rich in detail and texture. Look at the taste for the brands that is pleasantly flaunted on the walls. An idea with novelty indeed! The layout of the room is simple with straight lined furniture. Large white flat roman shade adds softness and black accents add interest.

8. Butterfly Ceiling

Teenage Girl RoomCourtesy of NA Architects

The light arrangement on the ceiling with the butterfly motif is an idea of novelty. Add beauty to the bedroom with a glistening butterfly mirror on the wall. The room is looking stately and smart. I love the bed and the oval-shaped night stands.

9. Theme Bedroom

Teenage Girl RoomCourtesy of Sisler Johnston Interior Design

This girl’s bedroom has the surf theme; accentuate it by adding wave mural on the wall. The surf floor lamp and the custom drapes define the theme. Adding on to it is the picture on the wall. The straight lined white furniture gives a pristine look to the room.

10. Play with Patterns

Teenage Girl RoomCourtesy of Donna Murray Designs

This teenage girl room has a wonderful color scheme. It is full of different types of patterns – stripes, geometric, curvy to name a few. A nice upholstered headboard is set against contemporary wallpaper. The ceiling of the room is slanted and looks quite unique.

11. Colorful Decor

Teenage Girl RoomCourtesy of Crown Community Development

Look at this teenage bedroom which is a style statement in itself. It has a cute lively feel about it which is hard to miss. The choice of resplendent colors used with uniqueness makes it look creative and different. I love the polka dot border on top part of the wall.

12. Use Wallpaper

Teenage Girl RoomCourtesy of Cara Woodhouse Interiors, Photography by Robert Granoff

The first thing that will catch everyone’s eyes in this teenage girl room is the fabulous accent wall. Each and every element in here is defined in a wonderful way. I like the wallpaper and the bed, they are awesome. The window has a wonderful treatment. The size allows enough sunlight in the room highlighting the lovely decor.

13. Chic Mural Wall

Teenage Girl RoomCourtesy of Gehan Homes

The accent wall is one of its kind; something which I had never seen before! The arrangement of the bed beside the huge window allows the princess to connect with the world outside. This is a small bedroom but is done up in a very smart way. The designer uses the space cleverly keeping the need of the occupant in mind.

14. Traditional Look

Teenage Girl RoomCourtesy of RAHokanson Photography

This teenage room flaunts of a unique paint pattern. The fading blue tone gives the effect of a ‘water world’. The chandelier, though simple, gives a majestic feel to the room. The use of the pink color tone in contrast with the shades of blue stands out!

15. Go Bold

Teenage Girl RoomCourtesy of Shouldice Media

The purple wallpaper together with the furniture gives a nice likable quirkiness to this teenage girl room. The bedroom is adorned with two bold shades put in perfect synchronization. It is very spacious and would make a fabulous place to spend nights with your friends.

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