Unique Bathroom Sinks

Chuck the Ordinary and Get this Out-of-the-Box Bathroom Sinks Today

It’s time to throw away those usual bathroom sinks and go for something hip and happening.  Most of us have those ordinary bathroom sinks that only vary in size and colour. Create a sense of luxury, take a look at these sinks and decide on one that suits you taste.

We have picked some very interesting bathroom sinks and I’m sure they will be a treat for your eyes.

1. Go FuturisticUnique Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Bauwelt Blog

Take a look at this futuristic wash basin design. The burnt orange wall provides a perfect backdrop for this white sink.

2. Natural Beauty Unique Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Homes DIR

Take your pick on this black granite finish sink made of natural stone. This shiny piece can totally transform your bathroom.

3. Forest ReplicaUnique Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Way Fair

This stone sink comes with an iron pedestal. The stand resembles Aspen forest and has the power to create a fairy effect in any bathroom.

4. City LifeUnique Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Gaiff

The above bathroom sink with city motif can easily pass as a decorative item. But, once you get a close, you realise it’s a designer basin.

5. Black BasinUnique Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Gaiff

This is a stunning black bathroom sink with portable copper stand and mirror. Go for this one and raise style quotient of your bathroom.

6. Transparent SinkUnique Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Decor Sahane

Choose this clear glass sink to add some transparency into your bathroom. Set it together with a glass cubical to give it a classy touch.

7. Wooden Wash BasinUnique Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Gaiff

Go for this eco-friendly, unique wooden sink for your bathroom. It’s a simple design but is bound to have an impact on everyone.

8. Floral FantasyUnique Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Gaiff

Install these fashionable floral print bathroom sinks. These basins have an abstract shape and are extremely colourful.

9. The Cutest OneUnique Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Trendir

This clear sink redefines cuteness in every sense. This sink is apt for smaller bathrooms as it can fit into any tiny space.

10. LED LitUnique Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Noobox

How about these advanced hi-tech bathroom sinks with LED lights, isn’t it amazing? The sinks have built-in faucet and sensor for detecting hot, cold and warm water.

11. The Melting SinkUnique Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Ch5g

Add a bit of excitement in your bathroom; add this melting glass sink to it. This distinctive frosted glass sink is sure to create lots of curiosity among your visitors.

12. Let’s FootballUnique Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Archzine

A great way to tell the world that you are in love with football! These football shaped bathroom sinks top the wish list of every boy.

13. Go MusicalUnique Bathroom Sinks Courtesy of Houzz

Give a musical twist to your bathroom. Install this concrete guitar-shaped sink in your bathroom, terrace or backyard.

14. Kid’s SpecialUnique Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Tiriordino

This is a wonderful way to make your kid feel comfortable, loved and cared for. Get this two-in-one sink where a small sink for kids has been attached to the side of a normal one.