Unique Home Decor

Be a bit Different, Go for These Unique Home Decor

Are you looking for some unique home decor tips? Do you like experimenting, and trying things out of the box? Then, have a look at some of these strange unique home decor ideas.

1. Dramatic Living Room DecorUnique Home Decor IdeasCourtesy of Rikki Snyder

This living room has lots of drama in it. There is a sense of fashion, mystery and uniqueness in its decor. The accent wall has huge mirrors and a wall mural with celebrities. Beautiful swan vase, deer statue and metal industrial art piece give this room a unique look.

2. Unique TV Room Decor Unique Home Decor IdeasCourtesy of Spence Harris Hogan

Add a giant couch to your TV room. This cosy blue couch will allow everyone to settle comfortably and have a nice time. Funky egg-shaped lights add a unique touch to this room.

3. Futuristic Bedroom Decor  Unique Home Decor IdeasCourtesy of Yakusha Design

Here is a white purple bedroom with bunk bed. Those stairs leading to the loft looks as if it’s literally floating in mid-air. The decor of this room is a bit crazy but cool.

4. Disco Powder Room DecorUnique Home Decor IdeasCourtesy of Flegel’s Construction Co, Photography by Bruce Damonte

For this strange look use silver and fuchsia wallpaper. The metallic wall paper creates a strange impact in this powder room. The shiny surface reflects light and makes the space look large.

5. Ultimate Game Room Decor Unique Home Decor IdeasCourtesy of Popp Littrell Architecture + Interiors

The focal point of this gaming room is definitely that spider chandelier. The light fixture is made using a bunch of swing-arm lamps fashioned into a cluster on this spider-like chandelier.

6. Illuminated Bedroom DecorUnique Home Decor IdeasCourtesy of Pbelemental

In here the walls of the bedroom are made of polycarbonate. They are translucent material that allow light to go through them. Use recessed neon lights to get this glowing wall look.

7. Log Living Room DecorUnique Home Decor IdeasCourtesy of OSMO North America

Use tree trunk as pillars, keep them natural for this gorgeous look. Add a glass wall on one side to keep the light and air coming in.

8. Forest Living Room DecorUnique Home Decor IdeasCourtesy of Nanette Tanner

Is it a living room or a forest? This is a spectacular hand-woven three-dimensional area rug. Add plants to keep up the balance of the room.

9. Eyebrow Ceiling DecorUnique Home Decor IdeasCourtesy of Doon Architecture of the Hamptons PC, Photography by Lincoln Barbour

This is one of the strangest rooms I have come across. The bedroom ceiling is made out of galvanized steel. Those steel arches give you the feeling of being in a space craft.

10. Graffiti Bathroom DecorUnique Home Decor IdeasCourtesy of Gary Hutton Design, Photography by Matthew Millman

A black bathroom with graffiti walls, just fabulous! Intelligent use of bright colours like yellow, blue and purple in an otherwise dark room makes them pop.

11. Daring Bedroom DecorUnique Home Decor IdeasCourtesy of Interior Visions

Must say this is a very bold, daring way to decorate your bedroom. The sensual painting and fiery red walls are enough to set passion ablaze.

12. Whimsical Deck DecorUnique Home Decor IdeasCourtesy of Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

Create an interesting rooftop by adding fun elements to it. Set chess board in the centre, add grass and trees around. Add ambience lights for this awesome decor.

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