35 Creative Uses of Old Tyres

Upcycling and Recycling – Uses of Old Tyres

There are many uses of old tyres, they can be upcycled and recycled and put to use.

Discover beautiful as well as creative uses of old tyres with us. Millions of tyres are discarded all over the world every year, they can be modified and used in garden, playgrounds, as furniture, planters and much more.

Check out these cool uses of old tyres:

1. Swing for KidsUses of Old Tyres

You can make a swing for your kids with an old tyre. The bigger the tyre, the better the swing.

2. Round Coffee TableUses of Old Tyres

Here are some upcycling uses of old tyres. Old tyres can be used to make this awesome coffee table.

3. Tyre Door MatUses of Old Tyres

A door mat made of tyre! This is a great idea, these mats are durable and perfect for outdoor space.

4. A Garden PitUses of Old Tyres

Create an oasis in your garden. Place an old tyre, seal it with a huge plastic sheet, add stones around it and fill it up with water.

5. Use as PlantersUses of Old Tyres

Here are some more interesting uses of old tyres. Paint them and use them in your garden as planters.

6. Decorate with ThemUses of Old Tyres

Use old tyres for decorating your background. Create minions with them and make it appealing to kids.

7. Hanging Bird PlantersUses of Old Tyres

Cut out the tyres to give them these pretty bird shapes. Paint them up and hang them on the trees. You can grow small flowering plants in it.

8. Small Coffee Table Uses of Old Tyres

Paint the tyres and place one on top of other to get the desired height. Place a mirrored glass on the top.

9. Furniture Set Uses of Old Tyres

Recycle old tyres to create this furniture set.

10. Use in Bathroom Uses of Old Tyres

They can also be used in our bathrooms. Use old tyres instead of a pedestal or a stand for your bathroom.

11. Hanging PlantersUses of Old Tyres

Paint old tyres and hang them in your patio. Grow succulents or cactus plants in them.

12. Decorate Your BackyardUses of Old Tyres

Make alligators in your backyard using old, worn out tyres. This is a great way of keeping trespassers away.

13. Golden Coffee TableUses of Old Tyres

Add chrome legs and a glass top to a tyre to transform it into a stunning coffee table. You can paint it in the color of your choice.

14. Table with StorageUses of Old Tyres

There are many uses of old tyres; use them to store remote, chargers, phones and other items in it.

15. Old Tyre Snowman Uses of Old Tyres

You don’t need snow to make snowman. Take old tyres and paint them in white color. Stack and decorate them to get these adorable snowmen.

16. Create ScarecrowUses of Old Tyres

The list of uses of old tyres doesn’t end here. Make a farmer and his wife in your kitchen garden. They can act as scarecrow and keep the birds away from your crop.

17. Cycle StandUses of Old Tyres

Make cycle stand from old tyres, it won’t cost you a thing.

18. Step GardeningUses of Old Tyres

Decorate your garden in this unique way. Bring some old tyres, paint them and use them as planters.

19. Make a Subwoofer

Uses of Old Tyres

Use old tyre and build a subwoofer at home and enjoy your music to the fullest.

20. Light it UpUses of Old Tyres

You can holes in old tyres and use them as light fixtures. What an innovative idea!

21. Magazine StandUses of Old Tyres

Cut an old tyre into half, paint it, attach a stand to it and your magazine stand is ready.

22. Corner RacksUses of Old Tyres

Attach old tyres to the corner of a room and use them as shelves for keeping your books and other accessories.

23. Make a BunnyUses of Old Tyres

Old tyres are used to create outdoor decor. Make a blue bunny with discarded tyres.

24. Tractor Swing Uses of Old Tyres

Check out this amazing tractor swing; the uses of old tyres are many, use them as you wish.

25. See-Saw for KidsUses of Old Tyres

Gift your kids with this tyre see-saw. Cut the tyre into half and attach a wooden plank on top. Color it up and attach handles.

26. Sand PitUses of Old Tyres

You can also create a small sand pit in your garden using these old tyres. Paint the tyre, fill it up with sand and its ready.

27. Tyres StepsUses of Old Tyres

Instead of constructing steps in your garden, use tyres.

28. Umbrella StandUses of Old Tyres

Make holes on top of an old, discarded tyre and use it as an umbrella stand.

29. Christmas Lighting Uses of Old Tyres

Here are some awe-inspiring uses of old tyres. Decorate your garden using a tyre for Christmas.

30. Red RockerUses of Old Tyres

Recycle old tyres and use them to make a rocker for kids. Cut the tyre into half and attach a plank on it and your rocker is ready.

31. Glass Top TableUses of Old Tyres

Anyone can make this simple coffee table, all you need is a couple of old tyres, a paint, and a glass top.

32. Christmas Tree Uses of Old Tyres

Never thought one can make a Christmas tree out of old tyres. Color them in green and stack them. Place the biggest one at the bottom and the smallest one on top and decorate it.

33. Comfy Pet BedUses of Old Tyres

Create comfortable bed for your pet using an old tyre.

34. Colorful Dining TableUses of Old Tyres

What a lovely dining table! Paint tyres in different colors and use them as legs for your dining table.

35. Car Using TyresUses of Old Tyres

Let your creativity fly, create the model of a car. For making a car you need five tyres, an old steering wheel and a plastic chair.

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