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Join the Latest Trend, Create Your Own Vertical Garden

Vertical garden or living wall is the hot new trend. It’s beautiful, stylish, and eco-friendly way to decorate your home, office, business and other public places. Vertical garden provides a practical solution for all those people who love gardening but don’t have space to do so.

Vertical Garden at Queens University of CharlotteCourtesy of Organic Authority

Now, if you are have never heard about it and still wondering what this really is, then allow me to simplify it for you.

What is a vertical garden or a living wall?

Vertical garden is also known living wall, bio-wall, bio-board, eco-wall or green wall. A vertical garden is a vertical arrangement of plants and flowers on a wall. You can create them outdoor as well as indoor. They come in many sizes; you can go for a free-standing vertical wall or make one and attach it to an existing wall.

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Vertical GardenCourtesy of Patrick Blanc

There are many types of green wall; they are made using modular panels that hold a growing media or medium (soil and fertilizer). They are categorized on the basis of media used:

1. Loose MediaVertical Garden Courtesy of John Gehri Zerrer

In loose media living wall, soil is packed into a shelf or bag and installed on a wall. They cannot be used in applications over 8 feet high as their medium can easily be blown away by heavy wind or rain. You can use this system for indoor as well as outdoor vertical wall application.

2. Mat MediaVertical Garden Courtesy of Rhyzoma Architecture

Mat media system either use coir fibre or felt mats. They are quite thin and can only support plants with shallow roots. They are better suited for indoor use and should not be more than eight feet in height.

3. Structural MediaVertical Garden Courtesy of Atelier Milano Design

Structural media incorporates the best features of both into a block. It is manufactured in various shape, size and thickness. They are best for interior and exterior application and can last up to 15 years. This type of vertical garden is easy to maintain and replace.

Vertical Garden Courtesy of Ecopacheco Landscape Designer and Architect

How to create a vertical green wall?

Specially designed modular wall panels are available in the market, they are easy to install and have an integrated irrigation system. They use drip irrigation to water the plants. Over-watering or under-watering can harm the plants, so keep adjusting the amount of water release.

Vertical Garden Courtesy of Urban Landscape

Create lush green fashionable walls; you can easily add one panel after another. Choose plants that are small, have shallow roots, and require less sunlight and water to survive. Herbs, small shrubs and succulents are perfect for vertical gardening. You can also create a colourful wall by opting for flowering plants instead.

Vertical GardenCourtesy of Seasons Landscaping

What are the benefits of Vertical garden?

1. They help purify air by removing toxins from it.
2. They present visually appealing environment.
3. Exterior living walls protect the building from effects of weather change.
4. Green walls act as an insulator and provides a cooling effect.
5. They reduce noise level by blocking it.
6. Have positive impact on everyone around.
7. Helps create a soothing ambience.
8. Use them to grow fresh herbs, flowers, vegetables and fruits.


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