Vibrant Living Room Design

Add Lots of Colour to Your Living Room

Decorate your living room with lots of colour to make it more lively and cheerful. A vibrant living room will attract positive elements into your house. It’s sure to lift up the mood of everyone entering your house.

Create a bold vibrant living room; take inspiration from some of these colourful living rooms:

1. Fairy Tale RoomVibrant Living RoomCourtesy of Andrea Brooks Interiors, Photography by Nancy Nolan

Go for this highly dramatic living room with lots of shimmer around. Use pink on your walls; now match every piece of furniture with it to get this fairy tale look.

2. Geometric Print RugVibrant Living RoomCourtesy of Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Buy some colourful round ottomans and place it in your living room. Decorate it further with an orange geometric print rug, drum pendant light and some wall hangings.

3. Sectional SofaVibrant Living Room Courtesy of Laura Grist Interior Design

Put up a gorgeous sectional sofa set by the window to create this awesome sitting area with a view.

4. Zebra RugVibrant Living Room Courtesy of Laura U, Photograph by Julie Soefer

Give a glow to your living room by choosing this coral velvet sofa and bird lamp shade. Combine them with a zebra rug and a teak root table in the centre.

5. Spacious RoomVibrant Living Room Courtesy of Homes by Avi

Never imagined that a crisp white living room with wooden flooring can look so cool! The use of glass beside the staircase makes this room more open and airy.

6. Bright and elegantVibrant Living RoomCourtesy of Rachel Reider Interiors

A Greek key pattern rug has set the tone for this room. Use plum, blue, green and beige in perfect proportion to maintain the harmony in here.

7. Go a Bit BoldVibrant Living RoomCourtesy of Tracy Murdock

Make a bold statement with this royal purple sofa set. Use white curtains, rug and coffee table to create this contrasting look.

8. Purple DecorVibrant Living RoomCourtesy of Oksana

Here is how the use of purple and silver can turn your living room into an awe-inspiring space. Silver sofa, white lamp, purple ottoman and rich deep walls, all too good!

9. Contemporary Room Vibrant Living RoomCourtesy of Mark English Architects

The choice of colours is excellent! It’s rich, subtle and sophisticated. The room has a lovely combination of grey and brownish red. Add a pretty golden mirror to complete the look.

10. Accent WallVibrant Living RoomCourtesy of The Design Firm

Take inspiration from this black living room with a red accent wall. Hang some interesting art pieces to get this contemporary look.

11. Velvety FeelVibrant Living RoomCourtesy of Rikki Snyder

Go for this beautiful eclectic living room with blue curtains, velvet sofa and a mirrored coffee table.

12. Grey GloomVibrant Living RoomCourtesy of Sarah Greenman

Gray is not always boring. Pop in a red bookshelf, an orange side table and beige-orange sofa to make it bright and bubbly.

13. Mix it UpVibrant Living RoomCourtesy of Kenneth Brown Design

Mix a bold red rug, blue couch, yellow vases, and gold drapes to get this vivid but chic living room.

14. Colourful CushionsVibrant Living RoomCourtesy of Laura U

Place some colourful cushions on your beige sofa, add a couple of sea green stools and turn your boring ling room into a vibrant one.

15. Flower PowerVibrant Living Room Courtesy of Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc, Photograph by Black Stone Edge

You can turn a simple room into a lively space. Just place some bright yellow orchids on the coffee table.

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